If you want to discover new horizons, a few kilometers away, Marineland is one of the most visited theme parks on the French Riviera. Discover the most spectacular animals from all over the world such as polar bears, penguins, sea lions, multicolored fish ... So buy your ticket marineland and plan your visit without delay!

Here your program

Upon entering Marineland, you arrive at the penguin enclosure where you can watch them swim through a window. They can also be observed on the beaches as well as in small caves. The funny show of swimming penguins will entertain the children. On the other side, sea lions and seals make their show. They swim in the pools and some are on rocks waddling.

A little further we find the pool where the spectacle of sea lions takes place. Nearby is another Sea Lion Basin, the Mangrove Aquariums and the Steller Sea Lion (Sea Lion) Showcase and the Dolphin Basin. More in the center of the park is Antarctica, and the pool with rays (you can observe them and touch them).

Nearby, there is the beach of turtles, and a cave in the basement where you can see them swim. Then we arrive in the shark glazed tunnel, where we can see sharks of all sizes and other fish and rays pass from all sides and above, impressive spectacle!

A footbridge provides access to the huge orc basin where you can see training orcas and feeders outside the shows. Finally, we can access the enclosure of polar bears composed of hills, an ice cave and basins where we can have the pleasure of seeing them swim.

Orcas in Marineland

The large Orc basin is surrounded by stands. The part of the basin facing the stands is glazed, which allows to admire this great predator under water. The spectacle of the orcs is majestic, we can see three beautiful orcas jump and swirl in a huge pool.

All day long in Marineland, there is no shortage of opportunities to discover the marine world, as the many representations of dolphins and sea lions will allow you to discover these great marine mammals