Italy is one of the best destinations when to take when it comes to holydays. Every year thousands of people enter Italy just to profit from the exotic colours, the wonderful cuisine and nice antiquities that are found in many towns like Rome Florence and Venice the city of water. Italy above all is a country of water surrounded by 7 458 Kilometres of coastline on the Mediterranean Sea with beautiful landscapes and idyllic fishing villages. Whosoever want to profit from the very amazing places and discover untouched paradise should by all means have a boat, because many holydays activities here are linked to boat.

Taste the sweet and delicious local cuisine

There is no complete holiday in Italy without the discovery of the delicious local cuisine. the Italian gastronomy is rich in pasta, fish, local fruits and vegetable which are all immerged in an atmosphere of simplicity and diversity. The speciality of Italians savours is centred on the quality of ingredients which are enriched with a wide variety of species of many colours.

Rent a boat and go after your dreams

With a boat at your disposal; you have a broad way filled of several destinations. The city of Venice for instance known as the city of love cannot be overemphasized with all its waters flowing along the streets, the beaches and the admirable antic houses found by the way. You can anchor at many natural landmarks or take advantage of the numerous ports that will certainly suit your needs. You will not want to miss the port of Messina which covers up to 820 000 m2 of length in the Mediterranean. Consider the sailing spot of Amalfi coast for its great weather and fine wine with food to refresh yourself while resting in your boat. This coastline is very beautiful with many wonders to discover, samboat offers you the best motorboats to quickly have an overview of the place.

Samboat the best partner for holiday in Italy

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