The Basque Country is a territory rich in history and places to visit for tourists and visitors in search of the most interesting places. But it is also a particularly captivating destination for its beaches and seaside resorts where you can experience a surf experience in an urban environment full of history and cultural richness. Indeed, one can find the best surf stations and different nautical activities in this part.

The most beautiful surf resort in France

Biarritz is the oldest European surfing resort. This categorization is due to several reasons. When we talk about biarritz france surfing, everyone thinks of a wonderful and unique place in the world. This is not a fame that dates from yesterday. Indeed, since 1956, we have already heard about the epic Tontons Surfers. They are the pioneers of surfing all over Europe.

It should be emphasized that the city of Biarritz did not self-proclaim itself the best surfing city of the hexagon. It was the TripAdvisor users who gave it the designation of the best beach of the Côte des Basques and the whole of France. No one can deny that this territory has the most glamorous spot of this nation. It is worthy of being among the best in Europe and even the world. This frame, especially the one that is between the famous 100 steps, and inserted by the Villa Belza and the spot of Marbella is worthy of a beautiful image taken for a postcard.

Biarritz surfing art

But biarritz France surfing is also surfing art. This area is not only known for surfing in salt water but also surfing in another form. You may meet in the region different artists who will make you travel in waves of emotions. Painters, musicians, creators, cooks, craftsmen of all kinds, they are numerous and they draw their inspiration from a region rich in history and culture. They will take you on an unusual journey. These artists of surf art will remain at your disposal throughout the year and wherever you go in the Basque Country.