Biarritz is none other than this famous commune on the south-western side of France which is also the little California of the Basque coast. Why ? Because it is the birthplace of European surfing already more than a good sixty years. This activity has since become a trademark of this territory, the typical and emblematic activity of the municipality and the region itself. Being able to go there is a bit of a big fantasy for surfers all over the world.

Surf and discovery in Biarritz

Biarritz is a border area between Spain and France. This fact of being on a border between two countries allows him to benefit from a genuine and particular culture. When you travel there, you can admire several things simultaneously and you feel like you are on two countries at the same time.

Surfing the city's beaches or remote Biarritz is therefore not only attacking the big waves on the beautiful spots of this part of the hexagon but also also discover at the same time the lifestyle out of the common Basques. It is living an enriching experience and sensations

The advantages of surfing in Biarritz

Practicing surfing in Biarritz is first of all enjoying some of the best spots in the world.

But in Biarritz, one can also find clubs and schools of surf in several cities. The latter give courses to beginners. They also offer advanced training for those who are already advanced and expert.

In addition, several clubs also offer rental of boards (for beginners, intermediates, advanced and professional) and other equipment that may be useful in the practice of this discipline. So you do not need to carry heavy luggage when traveling to this area to surf but just enjoy a biarritz surf rental. You can travel light and find everything you could possibly need.

The small advantage of surfing on a city beach in Biarritz is the existence of shops in the vicinity. They can take small snacks in case of hunger.